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BIGGEST FOREX Wholesale Robots Collection Extreme Pack 2.6GB+ of unzipped Data with over 23,000 total Files. 2,000+ FOREX Auto Trade Robots, 2,000+ FOREX Indicators, plus much more.

  1. FOREX EA Robots Autotrade Experts, FOREX Indicators, FOREX Trading Systems, FOREX Trading Strategy PDF, Binary Options, FOREX eBooks Collection… Thousands of Files to enjoy exploring! Are source files included? Absolutely! A lot of source files for Robots and Indicators. You can completely customize and/or rebuild the Robots and Indicators and make it perform just the way you like it!

  2. Original detailed instructions manuals with pictures, screenshots and performance results.

  3. Autotrade FOREX Expert Advisers with their own Indicators, Templates, and Set Files.

  4. Many options and settings to fine-tune your robots for best performance.

  5. 200+ of these Robots produce very good results in all back test, Demo and REAL Trading Accounts! Many more others can also perform very good with adjusting the settings. Use the MetaTrader 4 Strategy Tester to find the optimal configurations and maximize your Robots’ performance and profits. Instructions on how to install the FOREX robots and the use the MetaTrader 4 Strategy Tester are included in the instructions manual.

The collection includes about 2,000+ Robots and 2,000+ FOREX Indicators of various periods. Many of these produce great results even with standard default settings. Use it on all time frames and all FOREX currency pairs. You also receive: FOREX Trading Systems, Binary Options Robots and Indicators, 50+ FOREX Scripts, 90 FOREX eBooks Collection and more! There are so many files in the FOREX Robots folder that my quad core CPU lags when scrolling through the folder. That’s a lot of robots! Files are categorized for convenience in 14 folders total.

FOREX Robots Folder: 5,979 items. FOREX Indicators Folder: 2,255! I suggest you make a Favorite Robots folder and then copy/paste all the good robots you find and you like the best.

Why you can Auto trade:

Trading becomes relaxing, no stress, no emotion and no anxiety to worry about. Robots trade and make money even when you sleep or are not at home. It is always nice to wake up to some extra profits in the mornings.

Why you can Manual trade:

Because it’s fun to also manual trade. Sometimes it’s fun to do it yourself if you have the time to do it and the correct FOREX tool to assist your trading decision making.

With a good tool, described by some traders on eBay feedback as “The Best Forex Indicator” – Your included Bonus:

Accura FX 2019 V3 FOREX Indicator yours Free! I stay in contact with many traders and I am always happy to hear when they say they are making profits with my Accura FX 2019 V3 FOREX Indicator. A new version of Accura FX FOREX Indicator, Accura FX 2019 V3 ULTRA is released. The new version of the product has the Push Notification feature added. Please purchase the Ultra version separately if you like how the Indicator performs and you want the ability to receive Push Notifications sent instantly to your smartphone’s MetaTrader 4 app.

Please note that I highly recommend not trading on the same account both Autotrade (Robots) and Manual trading. Make a new account for manual trading and run your Robots 24/7 with no interruptions. Don’t trade on the same account. Account 1: Autotrade Robot(s). Account 2: Your Manual trading account. It takes 10 seconds to open a second trading account at your broker. Most brokers allow you to have several additional trading accounts. There is also the ability to transfer funds from one trading account to another.

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As a day trader, programmer, and webmaster I am at my PC most of the time. I can usually send your link within 1-2 hours. You are welcome to contact me anytime. I am happy to share
safe and profitable settings for some of the robots you are interested in.

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Trade Safe & Enjoy Trading FOREX

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Eternity EA EURxUSD Trading Robot by Accura FX

Eternity EA EURxUSD Trading Robot by Accura FX Test Results

Eternity EA by Accura FX Corporation. This Expert Adviser auto-trade FOREX Robot was built with Accura FX ideology. Safety First, Profits second. Minimum drawdown and several layers of protection. Eternity EA EURxUSD is for EURUSD H1 TF ONLY. No other pair, and no other time frame.

It was designed and built from the ground up specifically to produce the highest possible trading performance on the Euro US Dollar FOREX pair. Eternity EA is highly optimized for lowest drawdown while achieving maximum profits.

As you can see in the screenshots the back-testing results show extremely high, stable and reliable trading performance. The back-testing was performed on the MetaTrader 4 Strategy Tester. Time period range was tested from 2010.01.01 to 2019.05.18 using the latest FOREX Historic Data.

Test Results:

Account Balance: $10,000

Lot Size: 2.0

Profit: $145,985

Maximal drawdown: 17.92%

Test Results 2 (small account):

Account Balance: $100 <- Could have used $50 and be OK.

Lot Size: 0.01 <- Can use higher lot size. It’s up to you.

Profit: $729 <- Higher lot size would be higher profits.

Maximal drawdown: 16.77% <- Higher lot size could have been used because the drawdown is very low.

To see the current status of Eternity EA EURxUSD ULTRA running on a Live Trading account, please visit my MQL5 page. You can see real-time trading performance, profits, trading frequency, closed trades and currently open trades.

Safety Features: Hard-coded Variable SL & TP, Instant Execution, Variable Buy Stop and Sell stop. No hedging, the EA opens one trade at a time and in one direction, either Buy or Sell. Eternity EA intelligently monitors, adjusts and adapts to market conditions. Abrupt changes in market trend is not a problem. Also there is no need to worry about Economic News Events releases. The EA can handle every situation safely.

Eternity EA EURxUSD FOREX Robot has already made over $650 profits in the first week of trading. The Robot is running on a $5,000 trading account with Lot Size 2.0 for testing and producing great results. Due to the many built-in Safety Features you can run this robot on a small trading account with no problem:

I recommend minimum trading account balance $50 – $100 with small lot size 0.01 to get started. Just please don’t change any settings if you are not sure what they are for.

Detailed Instructions Manual on how to install Eternity EA is included. As a day trader, programmer, and webmaster I am at my PC most of the time. I can usually send your Robot within 1-2 hours. You are welcome to contact me anytime. I am happy to help you install the robot and instruct you on how to use it correctly.

Limited time Low Price promotional new listing offer. Please give positive ratings on eBay if you are happy with your purchase. I will send an eBay message to you with your own private link so you can download your protected files from my secure server. Contact me anytime I am here to help you get started with Automated Trading.

Genetic Programming Evolution Algorithmic FOREX Expert Adviser. This project took me a very long time to build and accomplish impressive results. This is a one of a kind Robot. This is NOT a copy or modified/renamed version of GARBAGE many people are selling on eBay for $10, $20, $50+!


Check Eternity EA EURxUSD ULTRA Live Trading Statistics; $5,000 trading account with lot size 1.0

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