It is amazing how far technology has progressed in just a few years. Looking back 10 years, I don’t think anyone would have put so much money on the line when dealing with an online Forex brokerage. Now, with the encryption and security as high as they are, hundreds of millions of dollars are traded every day from online brokerage accounts. Some brokerages have hundreds or thousands of accounts, and yet they operate quickly and without mistake. is one such brokerage, offering competitive trading conditions and low trading rates. For a new trader, offers a wealth of information to help jump start their trades. And, with no deal desk trading against the investor, a new trader can feel a bit better about those first few trades. Spread Review

I have traded with many brokerages that claim to be “commission free”. At first, this was a welcome sight and I jumped on it. As I began to become more experienced, however, I realized a very simple truth that I should have known all along: no one, regardless of their intentions, can work for free. Somewhere along the line, these “commission free” brokerages have to be making money.

For many brokerages that operate without commissions, they are able to do this by simply including their cost in the quoted price. This results in a high level of markup, and it is misleading to the trader. does not make any such claims, and they are actually proud to display all of the costs associated with doing business with them.

A new trader may feel wary about this, as there are other brokerages that operate without commissions, but they are probably not realizing the reality of the situation either. By disclosing all of the expenses, makes it easier for a trader to know what their costs are (and aren’t).

Trading with

I found their trading software (ForexTrader) to be easy to use, and all relevant information is displayed clearly and accurately. claims that they do not requote, meaning that the price quotes that you see on the screen are the prices that you will be paying.

Though lacking some of the more advanced features offered by MetaTrader 4, ForexTrader is easily supplemented by “Forex Pro”, increasing the versatility of ForexTrader.


My experience with has been overwhelmingly positive, and though certainly isn’t perfect, their service and support are some of the industry’s best. They meet their claims quite well, and the tight spreads that they advertise are actually the spreads that you will receive (that’s a rarity).

I do wish that their trading platform was slightly less complicated, though it only takes a few days to figure out. As well, I would like to see a more eSignal-quality charting system included in the program (it isn’t yet), but I am content to use independent charting services until includes it.

Source by Alexander Fedorov